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    Chemenda Sawyer

    Chemenda Sawyer believes that there are multiple dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual. She integrates the dimensions of wellness to facilitate healing. She believes all human beings have within them the ability to heal- they must feed their ability to heal. She does not promise overnight change, but she does promise to equip her clients with the tools to transform.

    Chemenda’s approach is cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused. She is committed to building a positive therapeutic relationship that facilitates insight, personal growth and development. She explores patterns and works with the client to find potential solutions. She is a guide during implementation and empowers the client as they reach their goals.

    She provides support and guidance to clients without judgement. She is committed to providing a safe space that facilitates growth and development. She empowers her clients to change and confront their negative self talk and self doubt. Let her help you take back control of your life.